The C230 'Tickler Fundom' machine is a purpose designed Concpet Machine.

With a product as attractive and varied as the 'Tickler Fundom' range the way to maximise sales is to use fantastic point of sale graphics.

And thats just what we've done. You won't be in any doubt about what you're buying and you won't walk into a toilet and miss this machine!!

We have already product tested over a four month period and sales figures are exceptional.

Machines are site alongside existing condom machines. 'Tickler Fundoms' are not condoms and the C230 does not compete against condom sales.

Our policy is to control supply of the C230 and prosuct in terms of area and machine operators. We do not feel it will be in the interests of machine operators to supply under other circumstances.


Condom Range
C200 Machine Visual
C200 Tech Specs
Ce 0120 Cert